The creation

God created the donkey and said to him: You are a donkey. You will work hard from morning to night and carry heavy things on your back. You will eat grass and be less intelligent. You will live 50 years.

The donkey answered: 50 years to live like that is way too much, please do not give me more than 30 years. And it was like that.

Then God created the dog and said to him: You are a dog. You will watch over the goods of humanity whose most devoted friend you will be. You will eat what man leaves and live for 25 years.

The dog replied: God, living 25 years is too much. Please not more than 10 years. And it was like that.

Then God created the monkey and said: You are a monkey. You should swing from tree to tree and behave like an idiot. You will be merry, and so you shall live for 20 years.

The monkey said, God, living 20 years as a clown of the world, is too much. Please do not give me more than 10 years.

And it was like that.

Finally, God created the man and said to him, ” You are a man, the only rational creature that will inhabit the earth. You will use your intelligence to subdue the other creatures. You will rule the earth and live for 20 years.

Then the man spoke: God, being a man for only 20 years is not enough. Please give me the 20 years the donkey refused, the 15 of the dog and the 10 of the monkey.

And so God made sure that the man lives 20 years as a man, then marries and 20 years as a donkey works from morning to evening and carries heavy loads. Then he will have children and live like a dog for 15 years, guarding the house and eating what the family leaves. Then, in his old age, he lives 10 years as a monkey, behaves like an idiot and amuses his grandchildren.

And it is so …. “

Funny Story