Popular in the men’s world is a beautiful breast that pleases,

which beautifully adorns our women and seduces them again and again.

The charms that we succumb as soon as we get hold of them,

this poem should be dedicated, no matter if it is big or small.

How moody nature shows when she shapes the figure:

Here you can see great shapes, there you do not see anything like skin and ribs.

Because it’s shaped differently, that’s why the bra is standardized:

From 1-12 short and simple, so size and weight increase.

Completely unsuitable for petting size 1, the mini-breasts.

No wonder that tired so quickly, who protects such a flat woman.

Modest is also the pleasure to lie in breast size 2.

After all, there is something to find, you know what’s ahead and behind.

At size 3, it’s already bearable, because you have something, it’s moving.

If a bikini wraps around, it will give you a lovely picture.

With size 4 and slim hips, a woman can poison you very quickly.

You fidget with a confused sense like an insect in the web of the spider.

What a woman does not know about her trumps, is the fifth in her bra.

The man’s hand, which holds such a gem, vibrates with pleasure.

A man who never in his life durft ‘move the size 6,

the wurd badly cheated by fate to the luck we went in a wide arc.

A beautiful breast size 7 gives impetus to special impulses,

chasing men into the wildest dreams, like monkeys in the tallest trees

Indescribable is the splendor of a bust size 8.

Whoever has won such a favor from the woman has achieved the great success.

The size 9 is only for bed, for the one who has grief, it’s nice.

Here he can bury his face and renounce the world for hours.

At size 10, it gets difficult, and it is no longer harmless

a woman with such bosom bends over the man, ready to petting.

The game with hooks and eyelets so nice at size 6,

relish playing full of fire, this is the real adventure.

When the last tick is finally on, fate takes its course.

From the full, plump bodice it crashes like avalanches.

Wrapped in the man’s head in no time, covering your nose, eyes, ears.

So he feels very quickly threatened by the sudden suffocation.

But no one has been spoiled so far and died under so much meat.

Each is still a success there, that he sees the light of day.

With size 11 freed of covers, can be ‘fill a whole bedstead.

Like yeast dough in heat waves, you can see it swelling into the pillows.

Sadly, the man here sees that his hands are far too small,

to prevent the freed giants, not ├╝bern edge of the bed to flow away .

At 12, it will be colossal, ultra-super-maximum.

But listen to your friends camping: Is this thing super difficult,

you save a lot of money on holiday,

because the bra is replacing the tent.

The size 13 does not exist, so the poem ends here too

In a word, you women, you know what men are looking for.

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