Poem of the youth

Young man in his mature years,

do you want to take a wife,

always remember the dangers,

think about it exactly!

Beware of gifts of love,

beware of feeble hours,

do you want to live without plague,

you prefer to buy a dog!

Such a dog is always yours,

because he recognizes you as Lord,

at ‘ ner woman that happens never,

because obedience is alien to her.

Of course, he has no dowry,

but you know one thing exactly:

Such a dog will always be faithful.

Do you know that with your wife?

Such a dog does not cry tears,

he never needs aspirin,

In the evening he never has migraines

and never needs to dress .

Do you want to make a trip,

can you calm the Wauwau

to give care to your friend.

Do that with your wife!

Do you want as in earlier days

evening on ‘ nen stroll geh’n ,

you have to ask your mistress first:

“Please, please,” you have to plead .

You can close your dog

one in his dog building,

then you can enjoy the night.

Try that with your wife!

Are you going with her on the street?

is suddenly silent steh’n .

“Dear man, the bubble is pressing me.

Hold the bag, I have to go . “

Your dog is enough for a tree,

because he does not take it so exactly.

He just lifts up his leg.

Demand that from your wife!

And with the children you have plague.

Every year one arrives.

Nevertheless, you have to without question

redone every night.

Without that you love him need

bring you your damsels,

at once 6 to 7.

Demand that from your wife!

Drum men, let me tell you

Let the hands of ‘ ner woman!

Because in their late days

she gets ugly, old and gray!

Will your dog repudiate you,

then you sell the Wauwau,

and buy a new one again. –

Sell ​​an old woman!

Funny Story