Popular in the men’s world is a beautiful breast that pleases, which beautifully adorns our women and seduces them again and again. The charms that we succumb as soon as we get hold of them, this poem should be dedicated, no matter if it is big or small. How moody […]

The stone people

Once upon a time long ago, the earth was just a lava-bubbling planet covered with volcanic rock, with no forests, no lakes, no seas and no mountains. But one day someone unrecognized, tired of the desolate sight, decided to create the Stone People. Bored by the eternal melting and solidification […]

Unexpected visit

Nothing could have prepared the twenty-nine-year-old clerk Jens Feddersen for what he saw on that Friday night in December of 2015 in his always tidy two-room apartment. When he entered his apartment after a hard day at work, to his chagrin, he found that the light was broken. Jens was […]