On the Halloween party

A couple was invited to a Halloween party. 
However, the woman had a severe headache and told her husband to go to the party by himself. 
He actually wanted her to come, but in the end he decided to go alone. 
The woman took a painkiller and went to bed. 
After an hour she woke up and the headache was gone. Since it was not yet late, she decided to go to the party. 
Since her husband did not know her costume, she imagined that it would be fun to watch her husband without his knowledge. 

Shortly after she arrived at the party, she spotted him on the dance floor. 
He did not miss an opportunity to dance, touch and kiss with women.
She snaked up to him and made him pretty clear. 
Immediately he agreed. She let him, because she was his wife. 
Finally he whispered a clear offer in her ear. 
She agreed and so they got into the car and had sex with each other. 

Just before the midnight unmasking, she said goodbye and went home to look after the costume. 
Excited, she waited for him in bed. 
When he got home, she asked him how the party had been. 
He answered: ‘Oh, nothing special. You know, if you’re not there, I can not really enjoy myself anyway. ‘ 
‘Did you dance a lot?’ She asked him.
He: ‘No, not once. When I arrived, I met Peter, Thomas and several other buddies. We retreated to the back room and played poker all night. 
But you will not believe what happened to the guy to whom I borrowed my costume ….