Thank you very much for your dear letter. You really do not need to worry. Everything is in perfect order here.

I do not go to lunch, I cook my own food . I just know best what I need and how I personally look for a good and balanced diet. The preparation and the cooking of the meals are for me no problem at all. I am amazed every day more, how everything works. Only you have to keep more order in the fridge. You probably had cement there. I baked pancakes, but they got as hard as granite. When I crushed them, the hammer handle broke off.

However, since I needed a quick meal, I made fried potatoes. In the meantime, I was at the bakery to get bread. The enamel of the pan, however, has now melted. I never believed that she was so unyielding. The smoke in the kitchen is already gone, but our canary is black as a raven and coughs heavily. Tomorrow I want to go with him to the vet.

Tell me, darling, how long do eggs have to cook? I let them boil for 2 hours, but they can not be softened. Please write to me if you can still use burned milk, or should I pick it up for you? Or should I even pour it away? Another question, my darling: Did you already have that, that the dishes, the dirty I mean, is moldy? How is this possible only in the short time?

On Tuesday, my darling, I forgot to lock the front door. There must have been someone there, because some things are missing now. So we have no valuables, but the money alone does not make happy.

The wardrobe is also empty. But it can not have been much, because you often said to me that you would not have anything to wear anymore. In addition, it is back to the summer, then our apartment will dry out again. For I forgot to turn the tap again after bathing. Luckily, the water did not stop at our place and quickly ran out. Think, dear, the Meiers from below were with us, we should buy them new furniture and also let the apartment be rebuilt. But I prefer to wait for you, because you know best how and where to buy cheap.

By the way, do not spend so much money, so that we have something to live after your return. It will be even better if you earn a few marks as a cleaning woman.

That’s why I’m not worried about that at the moment, so I’ve got you a job right now, because I’ve had enough time to do that.

You know, my darling, I’ve had some noise in business a couple of times, because I’ve often been late. Because of this little thing I have received the same notice from the boss.

Get well still, so that the work is not difficult for you then. We have had enough food in the last few days. When I went to the stable to feed the rabbits, the candle fell down and five of the poor animals were burned. The stable was in bright flames right now. I could only save the empty bowls. But that’s not bad, because we wanted to kill the animals anyway. Well, hopefully they will hold each other until you come.

I almost forgot the most important thing. Our cat, the Peter, is in fact not a hangover and got a boy yesterday. They are all in your bed. You should see how cute it looks. But I want to close that today, tomorrow more.

I wish and hope that you can continue to enjoy the rest of your holiday in carefree peace and joy

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