Monolithic application with killer instinct

L etztes year a friend has been upgraded from Girlfriend 5.0 to Wife 1.0. His experience was appalling: this application consumes a lot of RAM and there are almost no system resources left.

On closer examination, he then found out that this application calls for additional ” child” processes . Of course, this means that the already scarce resources are even more stressed.

In addition, the application is programmed very close to the operating system. It latches itself into the command structure at boot time and thus controls all resources. This goes so far that other applications at wife 1.0 before the startup routine must request an access right and then possibly simply get no resources assigned. Thus, some applications are no longer executable after installing Wife 1.0. These include, for example, skating evening 7.1, extreme drinking 3.4 and pub tour 5.0. To make matters worse, the system seems to be suffering more from day to day in these circumstances. It looks like Wife 1.0 is spreading like a virus in the system. In doing so, logs are made of all actions of other processes.

Other users familiar with the application had warned him in advance, but since none of these phenomena were mentioned in the product description or manual, he had probably just ignored this.

Another downside to this application is that it offers no options during installation. So you can not decide whether additional products such as mother in law 1.0 or brother in law 1.2 may be installed with or not. Some important features have even just forgotten to install in the application. For example, there might be an uninstaller , a “Never remember me ” button , a minimize button, or support for multitasking so that other programs have a chance to communicate with the system at the same time.

Personally, I think I’ll stay with Girlfriend 5.0, although that’s not very straightforward either.

For example, it was not possible for any version to simply install it over its predecessor. No, a clean uninstallation had to be done first to make sure that no interrupts or I / O ports are blocked anymore. If you forget this, it can happen that the freshly installed application simply crashes. Most of the time you have no choice but to get a new copy.

However , you should not rely on the included uninstall routine . There are almost always any leftovers in the system.

Another problem, which most versions of Girlfriend 5.0 have, is the annoying request to upgrade to Wife 1.0. This appears, as with all shareware programs, at regular intervals, but usually when it is least needed.

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