Look – see

To a friend who was a farmer,

once came a young couple.

In the afternoon he leads them out

shows them yard and chicken house.

The young woman stood silently,

She was new to the chicken life.

Suddenly a cock jumps on the chicken,

how the cocks sometimes do that.

The woman who seems of interest

ask our friend cunningly:

“Mr. Schulze, tell me

How many times a day does the cock do? “

Mr. Schulze reflects a little:

“Well, about 20 times a day.”

Whereupon the woman kissed her male

and smiling said: “Look, look!”

But then the man asks the friend:

“Tell me, Schulz, how is that meant

because the cock is running all day

always following the same hen? “

“Oh no,” Schulze replies,

“The rooster always takes another chicken”.

Whereupon the man kissed his mistress

and wisely said, “Look, look!”

Funny Story