Bios to Windows

  • Bios to Windows:
    “Go now! Startup!”
  • Windows to Bios:
    “Always slow with the young boards.”
  • Device manager to operating system:
    “I have something funny on the screen.”
  • Answer Windows:
    “First ignore.”
  • Hardware assistant to Windows:
    “The user makes pressure, I should identify the thing, Could be an ISDN card.”
  • Windows:
    “Well, that’s it.”
  • Unknown ISDN card to all:
    “Would you please let me in?”
  • Network card to intruder:
    “You can not spread yourself here!”
  • Windows:
    “Rest in the case!

“Offer compromise – the network card is allowed on Mondays, the ISDN card is on Tuesday.”

  • Graphics card to Windows:
    “My driver retired yesterday, I’m falling off now.”
  • Windows on graphics card:
    “When are you coming back?”
  • Graphics card:
    “Well, not yet.”
  • CD-ROM drive to Windows:
    “Um, I would have a new driver here …”
  • Windows:
    “What should I do with it?”
  • Installation software to Windows:
    “Let me, I’ll do it.”
  • Windows:
    “You like to hear that.”
  • USB connection to interrupt management:
    “Alarm! Was just penetrated by a scanner cable. Please respond. “
  • Interrupt management:
    “Where do you come from?”
  • USB port:
    “I was in the calculator from the beginning, by the way, a colleague is sitting next to me.”
  • Interrupt management:
    “But you are not on my list.” – to Windows: “Say something.”
  • Windows:
    “I hope not another printer appears.”
  • Graphics card:
    “The new driver twitches around.”
  • Windows:
    “So we just have to get the old one out of retirement.”
  • Uninstall program to new driver:
    “Get rid of yourself.”
  • Unwanted driver:
    “You can do me.”
  • Windows to Norton Utilities:

“Sorry, we have to delete you.”

  • Important system file:
  • Windows on blue screen:
    “Pass through, the Norton Boys are shot over the target again.”
  • Blue screen to user:
    “So, this week is over.”