Annex to the labor order in the collective agreement

Illness is no excuse.
Even a certificate from your doctor is not proof, because if you were able to see the doctor, you could have come to work.

Death in the family
Will not be excused.
You can not do anything for the deceased, and someone else can just as well take the necessary measures.
If you put the funeral in the late afternoon, we are happy to release you half an hour earlier. Assuming you are done with the work.

Your own death
Here you can count on our understanding, if:
Let us know about your passing two weeks in advance, so that we can set a new force in time.
Call you no later than 8.00 am so we can take appropriate action.
Yours and the signature of the attending physician are that you have died. If both signatures are not available, the absences from the annual leave will be deducted.
Surgical our labor are prohibited.
We have set you as you are. The removal or modification of part of you violates the agreed employment contract.

Silver or Golden Wedding
No exemption can be granted for such events.
If you are married to the same person for 25 or even 50 years, be happy if you are allowed to go to work.

That you were born is not your merit.
Therefore, we see no reason to grant you an exemption in such cases.

birth of a child
For such missteps of our employees, of course, no work exemption is provided. You already had your fun!

The board