The birth of Tomaszek, a beautiful and healthy child, was an event that had to be celebrated. My mother already had two older daughters who went to high school.

     Every day, as time passed, there seemed to be reasons to celebrate the precious gift that was received with the birth of Tomaszek. He captivated adults with a sweet smile, common sense and a volcano of energy, which he exploded endlessly as he drew them into his games. Being in his company was a real pleasure.

     One day, five-year-old Tomaszek went with his mother to a shopping center by car. And as is often the case with children, he asked an unexpected question:

     – Mom, how old were you when I was born?

     – Thirty-six, Tomaszek. Why do you ask? – She replied surprised trying to discover the real reason for this question.

     – It’s a pity! the boy reacted sarcastically.

     – Son, what do you mean? inquired her mother, still surprised at the highest degree.

     She was answered first by a loud sigh of a boy, a look full of love, and then came to her filled with a note of regret his words: – Do you wish those years that we spent without knowing each other?

     I loved you late, Beauties of old and always new! I loved you late! You were in me, and I was outside and looking for you outside. Full of ugliness, I ran for the beauty you created. You were with me, but I was not with you (St. Augustine).