One evening, while mommy was preparing dinner, her eleven-year-old son stood in the kitchen, holding a piece of paper in his hand. With an official face, the child handed the card to the mother, who wiped her hands on the apron and read what was written: »for pulling weeds on the path: 5000 lire.

     for cleaning my room: 10,000 lire. for buying milk: 1000 lire.

     for guarding my sister (3 afternoons): 15,000 lire.

     for obtaining the best grade twice: 10,000 lire.

     for throwing garbage every evening: 7,000 lire. Total: 48,000 lire. »

Mom looked tenderly in the son’s eyes. Her mind was full of memories. She took a pen and wrote on the other side of the page: »For carrying you in the womb for nine months. 0 lire.

    For all the nights spent by your bed when you were sick. 0 lire. For all the moments of comforting you when you were sad. 0 lire. For all your dried tears. 0 lire. For all that I have taught you day by day: 0 lire.

     For all breakfasts, dinners, suppers, afternoon teas and breakfast to school: 0 lire. For the life I give you every day. 0 lire. Total: 0 lire «.

     When she finished, her mother handed the card to her son, smiling. He read what she wrote and wiped away two large tears that appeared in his eyes.

     He turned the card over and wrote in his invoice: “Paid”. Then he grabbed my mother by the neck and showered her with kisses.

     When bills begin to appear in personal and family relationships, everything ends. Love is selfless or does not exist.

     «One hot day I prepared ice cream cones and told my four children that they could buy them for one kiss. Immediately the children lined up to make a purchase. The three younger ones gave me a quick hug, took the horn and ran outside. When it was my eldest son’s turn, I received two kisses. “Keep the rest,” he said with a smile ».