34 reasons why it’s better to be a MAN

Even without lowered Golf with double exhaust system you can park.

You do not have to take off your clothes and you do not need your best buddy at your side.

You can get drunk unrestrained without anyone bothering you.

Your fridge is and remains clear.

You do not need to buy your clothes in the children’s section of H & M.

You do not have to search your phone for 10 minutes in your pocket when it rings.

You do not waste hours behind the stove and still get full.

Once a month, you can do something without your girlfriend without giving a reason.

You have no stress in front of a green traffic light because you fear it could turn red at any moment.

You do not have to wear your down jacket at 20 degrees because you would freeze to death.

You do not need to take any pictures, because three of your girlfriends will shoot some or you can keep memories in mind.

You are not unnecessarily stressing who you have what and what you will choose for this person next year.

You do not have to spend your afternoons on the playground with your own or someone else’s child …

You never fuck yourself a white pants with shaving wounds.

Your Saturday evenings are not spoiled because of miserable water drinking.

You have a decisive influence on whether and when she receives children.

You are smart enough to use a telephone book.

Men only pay for GOOD (!) Sex.

Every second-hand store salesman shines, if you do not get the too tight shoes of your girlfriend exchanged and bring him.
You do not need to go astray because you can drive …

You do not need to know the complete storyline of “GZSZ”, “Under Us”, “Marienhof”, “Forbidden Love”, (…).

You enjoy over a year completely unlimited freedom and meet new people.

You always get your money’s worth while having sex.

Nobody laughs when you are over 2 meters tall.

What you do, you do right and neat.

You do not have to compulsively buy everything that is reduced.

You do not burden your brain unnecessarily with beautiful things that are not concerned …

You’re not too fussy about microwaved food or frozen food and nobody cares.

If you have not ironed a garment, it does not really interest you either.

You are taken seriously in the hardware store.

You are allowed to participate in combat drinking competitions.

It does not annoy you if your neighbor has the same clothes as you.

Should you be puny equipped, you will not see it immediately …

You do not really need to write chain letters just to increase your self-confidence.