Day: September 7, 2019


     One evening, while mommy was preparing dinner, her eleven-year-old son stood in the kitchen, holding a piece of paper in his hand. With an official face, the child handed the card to the mother, who wiped her hands on the apron and read what was written: ┬╗for pulling weeds on the […]

In case of emergency

     – What do people save first in an emergency?      At a large round table of friends meeting on New Year’s Eve, this question sparked a lively discussion.      “Checkbook,” one gentleman said.      “Valuable items, valuables,” one of the ladies replied.      – Children! someone else definitely added. And everyone agreed.      In the event of […]


     In the summer, one hot day, a Brazilian child went to bathe in a pond near the house.      Mom watched them through the window. Horrified, she saw the cayman approaching.      The woman ran towards the child, screaming with all her might. The child immediately began to flow in the direction of his […]